Reading Circle

since 2013 (ongoing)

Organisation: Giuseppe Motta / Rudolf Meer

Every Tuesday

Program and Dates: Offener Lesekreis - KANT IN GRAZ (

Since 2020

Alois Riehl’s Philosophical Criticism (vol. 1-3)

Winter Term 2018/19

Kant in Austria: Riehl, Reininger, Hönigswald

Winter Term 2017/18

Kant’s Sources of Apperception

Winter Term 2016–2017

Kant’s Smaller Publications of the 1780s

Winter Term 2015/16

Kant’s Transcendental Doctrine of Method, Critique of Pure Reason


Kants’s Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science


Immanuel Kant: The Deduction of Categories, Critique of Pure Reason